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about_the_boy's Journal

A Nicholas Hoult Appreciation Community
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All Members , Moderated
about the boy { a nicholas hoult community }Welcome to about_the_boy!
A community that is dedicated to the very talented young actor Nicholas Hoult.


Entries are members only. Membership is open, and, to avoid spam, posting is moderated for now.


oo1: All entries are member only by default.
oo2: All posts must be related to Nicholas Hoult, or a character he portrays/ed.
oo3: Graphics, fan fiction, videos/ fan-videos, icons, picspams are allowed.
oo4: Use a cut when posting large images, icons or fan fiction. (Use up to 5 teaser icons.)
oo5: If your post contains spoilers, please warn for them and put them behind a cut.
oo6: Be respectful. No flaming, bashing, fighting.
oo7. Please tag all posts to keep things organized.


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Wanna affiliate? Comment here or pm a mod.